Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The first person wins a PRIZE!!!!!!

Good evening lovely bloggers! I not long started this blog and I'm sure you know what its like,
wondering who will be your first follower? Wondering if anyone likes what your writing about?
Well I thought I'd run a little competition to see who will be my first!!!!!
If you like my blog and like healthy treats then hit the follow button and the first person will
win a prize. Something to tantalize your taste buds. The competition is for anyone no matter where you may live.

So good luck!

Anyway on to this evening, I went to my spin class and thinking I was going to be late I ended up
running there, and my hip didn't hurt whoop whoop! I actually got there 15 minutes early, so I got a good workout on the spin bike before class. 45 minutes of spin then I did some running/walking intervals home. By the time I got in I was ravenous so the peppered mackerel steamed veg and garlic stuffed olives really hit the spot. I also drizzled a little sesame oil over the veg delish!

I know what your thinking, how on earth is it possible that I can have room for pudding after
such a food filled day? Well sometimes I think my tummy is bottomless because yes I indeed I
had room for pudding! I made some carob and quinoa pudding topped with the last of the raspberries yogurt and walnuts so good!

I'm pooped so will enjoy the last couple of Sex in the Cities (season 6) me and Jonathan have been indulging in then bed.

Night all, and once again good luck! x x

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