Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Sesame bars yum!

One of my favorite ways to start the day is an exercise video.
I have several and today's was Pilate's its only 38 mins long but really is a good
little workout.

My favorite, this is only soya yogurt I can find that is all natural, no
sugar no additives just pure soya yogurt and live bacteria good for the tum.

Breakfast was my usual bowl of fuel:

GF porridge mix
tsp agave
tbsp coconut
soya milk + water
soya yogurt + ground linseeds
cinnamon + vanilla extract

This really does keep me going I didn't get to eat lunch till 2pm and had breakfast at 7.30am
so this has great energy power!

10.30am Ritual.
A coffee with rice milk to keep me perky till lunch always helps as well!

Lunch was yummy, mackerel in tomato and pesto sauce with steamed veg
and lettuce filling and very tasty.

We have loads of sweets at work at the mo, a bag was opened and I ate about 6 oops!
I really do love the coconut tea cakes my favorites!

I made a fresh soup today of swede, sweet potato and spinach, I had this for dinner
along with some rice cakes and beets.
I am obsessed with beets so sweet and delicious.

Pudding oh yes pudding! On my way home I stopped off at Lidl the best German supermarket.
After getting some veg I came across some of my favorite sweet treats I bought one of them.
Sesame bars don't you just love um!

I had my sesame bar on top of my pudding. hot grated apple cherry soya yogurt
and cut up sesame bar so GOOD!

My day has been tuff looks like my boss and I will be having a meeting. Which I must say
I'm not looking forward to. A new job on the horizon I think........this is to be continued

On a happy note i have tomorrow off so will be studying hard yippee!
See ya tomorrow!

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