Saturday, 21 November 2009

DVD review and a breakfast fit for a king!

So I got my new dvd yesterday, it was a birthday gift, a very early one I now but I wont be seeing
my friend Karen before or after for a while so we decided I'd open it now : )
I have to say my dvd gets the thumbs up. Totally Fit is by Mel B from the spice girls, and boy is it tuff!
I really did sweat and some bits I just couldn't finish, so it makes me determined to finish it all.
Which will be my new challenge! If you get the chance give it go its well worth it.
Breakfast was a real tummy filler and kept me going til lunch. I had GF porridge, carob powder, half a banana, raisins and yogurt. I also had a glass of beetroot juice yum.

Saturday is always a busy day at work so hopefully it will go quickly!

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