Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Curry + Cake

I was actually still peckish a while after breakfast yesterday so before work I snacked on an
apple with a little carob spread and homemade almond butter

Lunch was uber healthy! I had the last of my butternut soup, salad with a little sesame oil
and a small pack of buckwheat crackers.

A couple of hours later I got hungry, lunch was good but not really sustaining food, I had a
raw orange and ginger cake thing. It was so tasty and held me over till dinner.

For my early birthday meal my dad made curry for me, his girlfriend, my sister and her hubby.
When we got to my dads the food was cooking but not quite there so cashews were eaten for a starter. The smells while diner was cooking were amazing our mouths were definitely watering!

Boy oh boy this dinner was goooooooooood! My dad makes the best curry!

On the Menu:

Egg Curry
Coconut Cauliflower Curry
Green Beans with Cashews
Rice + Mange Chutney

This was a flavor sensation! It was a big plateful but all the food was super healthy so I guess
its ok...........right?!

For pudding my dads girlfriend made a delicious banana cake. Gluten and dairy free (of course!)
The cake was very well made and got a thumbs up from everyone.

I'll have to admit, I had 2 slices!!!!!!!! I just couldn't help myself.
I need to learn some self control!

The evening was great fun, dad told some funny stories from his teenage years and
the laughter was loud. I love evenings like this food, family and fun = a splendid night.

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