Saturday, 28 November 2009

Coconut Coma and a Chloe Obsession

Last night I turned the computer off and enjoyed some movie time with my friends here in Barcelona, so breakfast and dinner is all rolled into one. Which will probably be the same for the next couple of days, but hey I'm still keeping you up date! So breakfast was goooooooood.

In the mix:
Quinoa flakes + Soya milk + Water
Fig + Almond bar
Soya yogurt
1/2 Banana
Seeds + Cinnamon

I found one of my favorite dried fruit cakes whilst out yesterday, its literally figs dried with almonds in it, and thats it. I cut a piece off, diced it and added to my porridge. This was
so filling but just what I needed.

I'm going to let you into a little secret:
I'm a little OBSESSED with Chloe Sevigny!
I think if I could have a celebrity body it would be hers.

Sevigny is oozes cool, I love the way she dresses, plus it helps that anything looks good on her
so my celebrity of choice is Chloe (Sarah Jessica Parker comes a close second!) I love love love her and her abs!

Whose your celebrity body of choice, come on you gotta have one?!

So onto last nights dinner it was a taste sensation!!!!! We had a spinach tortilla with steamed
leaks and broccoli.

I also had a lychee juice, not only did it taste good but lychee's are so good for you!

Lychee facts:
Rich in vitamin C
High levels of beta carotene
Help to prevent blood clots, cell damage and reduce strokes
Increases energy and improves well being
To mention a few, so eat your lyhees!

Later while we watched movies pudding was started and snacks were on the go.
Jonathan had a bag of yucca chips, I've never tasted yams but these were so good. I'll
definitely be trying them in another way, any suggestions?

Pudding was good we had a selection of treats, pineapple ring in dark chocolate which was ok but 1 was enough didn't really rate it that much. Coconut bar which is self explanatory and Yemo tostado which is almonds egg yolk and sugar toasted! My god we ate way to much and I fell into a coconut coma, so calorific too! But hey I'm on holiday!

I haven't really done any exercise either well we walked for about 8hrs yesterday but that just doesn't feel like exercise, today will be more walking, but again I'm on holiday is it ok to relax?

Enjoy your Saturday x x

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  1. I love Chloe Sevigny! I am so impressed by your recipes, it has inspired me to try and be more healthy!