Friday, 20 November 2009

Busy day and an evening with friends

Today at work we were all in need of a Costa coffee. I had a soya latte and enjoyed every sip!

We had a cute customer come into store today and i had to get a picture, what a cutie!?

A phone rep came in and left some sweeties for each of us. These were a little trip down memory

Lunch was a health kick of fresh salad, quinoa and vegan cheese.

I also had a small fruit bar, I love these little snacks. Definitely not just for kids!

I went to a spin class after work so had an apple and some almonds for some pre workout energy.

I was ravenous after my class so had some steamed veg and tuna mixed with a tsp of mayo, yogurt and some curry spice, yum.

Pudding was rice cakes topped with half a banana, carob spread and yogurt, I think the carob spread could be addictive!

I've had a nice evening chatting with good friends. I also got an early birthday gift, a new workout DVD! I shall be trying it out in the morning, can't wait! I have a busy day tomorrow.
Morning workout, then work, then in the evening I have to make cookies for my birthday 'pot luck' girlie evening on Sunday. Don't worry the recipe will be posted.

Right I'm knackered so time to log off. Hopefully your weekend ahead will be as fun as mine should be! x x

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