Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Blink and its gone!

Opps I was so hungry after my workout today I gobbled breakfast without taking a picture, I blinked and my yummy food was gone! I had GF porridge mix, cacao nibs, yogurt, blueberries and some ground linseeds. It was goooooooood!

Yesterday on our day out Maggie treated me to some healthy gifts, Lucky old me ay!? She bought me a box of my favorite Pukka tea and a bottle of beetroot juice. Beet it is beets and apple juice freshly pressed and bottled it tastes so good!

Not only does this juice taste good but its super healthy too!

I also found this cute bowl and spoon at a thrift store cute huh?

Lunch is soup and tahini sandwich on GF bread.

I've been off work the last 3 days and now the day beckons : (
I can't be to sad though as a week Thursday I'm off to Barcelona for my birthday yay!
Plus I have some fun get togethers coming up too.

Right better get ready for selling phones boo hoo!

Don't forget about the competition below! x x


  1. The beet juice sounds really interesting- I'd love to give something like that a try. What a fabulous trip you're going on for your bday- I cannot wait to see the pictures

  2. Aww I used to work in a little healthy cafe that sold Pukka teas... That pic takes me back! Refresh was a popular one! You should also try the Love one and Revitalise (cinnamon, yum!)
    Hope you have a lovely bday xx

  3. Thanks for the pukka tip! he he he he x