Friday, 27 November 2009

Barcelona NGHTMARE!

As I snacked on my tasty cereal bar I would never have guessed the nightmare that was about to happen, before I get to that I'll just let you know this is my favorite flavor of the
Eat Natural barsthe cranberries mixed with macadamias and dark chocolate so good!

Anyway on to the NIGHTMARE!!!!!!
I'll keep it short, I dropped my passport on the plane and when I realized I went to go back
but the Spanish guards wouldn't let me return to the plane to look for it, instead one of them went but didn't actually ask where I had been sitting. They said it wasn't there strange because I
needed it TO GET ON THE PLANE! Anyway after searching my bag 1000 times no joy the tears
came and I didn't know what to do...............
Eventually they let my friend Jonathan and come sit with me while they try to get through to
the british embassy no joy.........

Amazingly after 4 hrs of no water and to many tears, my work colleague back in england managed to send through a copy of my passport by fax and another 1 hr and a half later we were released! So lucky it was late night shopping back home I really do owe my colleague one!

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When we finally arrived home we grabbed a quick snack, I was starving but was in need of a cocktail! I had 1/2 an apple, 1/2 a pear, a soya yogurt and some sunflower seeds. After a quick freshen up we went out to meet Jonathan's cousin and a cocktail with my name on it!

My cocktail of choice was called a Sloppy Joe. White rum, lime and cranberry juice. It hit the spot. I also had a mojito my favorite flavor cocktail.
Two cocktails down feeling slightly tipsy but very tired it was time to go and collapse.
I grab a small portion of chips on the way home I was starve a'lishous!


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