Thursday, 26 November 2009

Barcelona here I come!!!!!!!

This is a quick post before I'm off to my favorite city and my favorite boy. I needed a good filling breakfast before my travels so had 1/2 cup of GF porridge, raisins, tbsp ground linseeds, almond butter and soya milk. I definitely didn't churn my almond butter long enough but it tastes good so that's all that counts, right?!

I made a healthy lunch for the flight, plane food is definitely not my friend. I throw together a
quick salad of mixed leaves, avocado and carrot drizzled with sesame oil for flavor. An apple
and my flight must a small bar of dark chocolate. The winds are up and if I'm honest I really
don't like flying so when the rockiness comes the chocolate gets eaten!

I've just discovered this new chocolate ador is dairy free yay! Plus its mint my favorite can't wait to try. Well I need to pack my baby up (my ibook!) and get ready to go.
Have a nice Thursday peeps see ya in Barcelona!!!!!!!

x x x


  1. Hope you have so much fun! Dark chocolate and mint? Sounds like heaven. Hope you're having a wonderful night

  2. I am impressed with the homemmade almond butter. Sounds intriguing. I hope the Barcelona trip is awesome and wish to go there some day.