Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Another early birthday meal for moi!

I started my day with 50 mins of beginners yoga and an hour of Mel B's workout pretty good
I think, the Mel B dvd is a killer. I've gotta keep practicing and one day I'll be able to do it all!

Breakfast was just what I needed after my workout. I had GF porridge, a few raisins, ground linseeds, yogurt and a little of my homemade almond butter, delish! I'm looking forward to a coffee when I get to work though with some rice milk.........my mouth is already watering!

So one more day left of work then I'm off for 8 days!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tonight my papa is making me an early birthday dinner, (I'm liking all this early birthday stuff!)
me, my sister and her husband are going round for a curry night. My dad makes the best curry he is gluten intolerant too so all food is Tamzin friendly! So roll on 5.30pm home then to
papas, yay!

Any plans for your day? x x

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