Monday, 23 November 2009

Almond Butter + Driving Lessons

I had the worst nights sleep last night, I think it was a combination of to much food and fear
about starting my driving lessons! I actually slept til 8.15 which is so late for me.

For breakfast i kept it quite light with 1/3 cup og GF porridge, a small apple, ground linseeds and soya yogurt. Tasty and satisfying.

I spent the morning up loading photos and reading emails. My new phone also arrived today! Woo hoo! Its all red and shiny love it.

I snacked on some buckwheat crackers and tahini sprinkled with a little salt.

Lunch was super healthy and super tasty. I had a sardine omelet (1 yolk, 2 whites) and salad. The salad had a little sesame oil on for flavor.

After lunch I finally made the almond butter I've been meaning to make for ages! Its so expensive here that its cheaper to make your own so I did.

Yummy roasted almonds.

My almonds made a decent jar full and the colour is great!

I thought it only right to try some, so I had a small apple yogurt and some delicious almond butter, and I tell no lie its really really good!

After my afternoon snack I had my first driving lesson!!!!!!! It went ok I drove a little, and
am looking forward to my next lesson so it must of gone ok! I'm learning in an automatic so
fingers crossed it wont take to long!

I just drank an afternoon coffee and now I feel some yoga is in order.

Hope your Mondays have started off well? x x

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