Sunday, 29 November 2009

28 Today!

Hello bloggers, so today is my birthday I am officially 28!

Jonathan made me fried (in a little oil!) quail eggs on toast for my birthday breakfast.
Which was just what I needed after a very late night on the town!

The quail eggs were so tiny and cute! I have had them before but they were boiled.

So we had tiny eggs on tiny toast the cutest breakfast I've ever had!

So yes we had a very VERY late night. The celebrations started with dare I say it, a drinking game at the flat before going out, a few of Jonathan's friends came over as well as his cousin and we played a mexican drinking game! Yep it was the beginning of a boozy night. For someone that barely ever touches alcohol it was tuff! After at around 1.30am we headed out to a bat then to my favorite club in the city Razzmatazz. Even though I used to live here I can't imagine living somewhere now that you don't go out till 1.30 am to start the night!
The night didn't end till 6am where I could be found sitting in a cafe chopping on
patatas bravas. No picture was taken which was probably a good thing!

So I must be honest over the past couple of days the food that has passed my lips has not been entirely healthy shall we say. There has been healthy foods eaten don't get me wrong but there has also been way to many treats and no way near enough exercise! So for my birthday resolution I have decided:

I am not going to eat ANY processed foods.

I am not going to eat ANY un-natural sugars.

I am going to exercise at least 5 times a week.

So those are my resolutions wish me luck, I shall obviously be taking you long with me on this little journey. I needed to loose some of the padding that has appeared on me in a healthy sensible way.

Time to relax for the rest of my birthday.
I hope you all had a fun weekend like me x x


  1. So I see myself on your blog roll, which...
    1. so flattered! It's always a nice surprise when I see myself on a blog. Lol. :)
    2. I don't know why I haven't ever been to your blog.
    3. I'm glad I found you! Because those quail eggs on toast are so up my alley. They were probably so tasty too. Mmm.
    4. Happy Birthday my dear!

  2. ahhh! Happy Birthday! What a great breakfast to start the day :) Glad you had fun. Great resolutions- my favorite:

    I am not going to eat ANY processed foods.

    That is a TOUGH one but a great one. Maybe very minimal would be better on the wording (since even oats or canned beans are processed to some degree). Clean eating is how I live 95% of the time and it makes my tummy so happy!