Friday, 28 October 2016

October Catch Up 2016

Hello, well thats another month down! And what a month this has been, I've been doing all sorts of things but there is one thing I just can't contain any more.....


Yep its going to be all change round here soon and I can't bloody wait! Right let me start at the beginning....As some of you know I work with adults with learning difficulties which I love it was a complete change of career when I got the job as a support worker and I really questioned myself if I could do it and be any good at it when I got the job two years ago but I took to it like a duck to water and loved it. 

I was so happy to be given the chance and it really has changed my life in so many ways one big way is knowing the career I would like to follow. This year I have been thinking about looking for another job and in September I finally saw an advert that interested me and although I love the guys that I work with I have been looking for something a little more challenging where I can learn more and better my career. The job was for a Support Coordinator for the local council at their social services run day centre, I thought what the hell and applied really not thinking I would get the job but you know what I did and I start on the 1st of December!!!! 

Can't believe it really, I am so excited and the best thing for me is that all the guys I work with at the house now all go to the day centre so I will still see them all which is a real silver lining for me and for them. The job is a lot better then the one I have now especially the hours, no more sleep ins and weekends off which is the first time ever for me, I have never had a Monday to Friday job. I am hoping I won't be so tired and have more time to check in here but as always no promises! 

So thats the biggest news this month and now is a little catch up with pictures of other stuff thats been going on this side of the screen.....

Me and Dale went to his friends wedding reception earlier on in the month which was lovely, I love a day of love! 

I went for lunch with my sister and a friend in Rye which is just a short drive from Hastings.

We had a lovely catch up over lunch and got to hang out with this cutie which is always a pleasure. 

I've injured one of my knees which is not good so workout wise its been pretty lame round here, I've been going on walks and still been able to go to yoga but thats pretty much it. I'm waiting to get an appointment with a Orthopaedic doctor at the hospital but who knows how long thats gonna take : (

I bought some pretty awesome new kicks which I have been living in, these are so comfy and I absolutely love the colour. 

Food wise I've been eating all sorts of stuff, I treated myself to some gluten free cereal which has been going down easy especially when pimped with some hemp seeds. I say treated myself because its so expensive for such a small box of cereal and once I have it in the house it doesn't last very long so its a definite treat. 

I made an awesome banana bread which was gluten and lactose free and I only used bananas and a few sultanas to sweeten it, delicious but again another treat as me and Dale will just gorge on it until its self control is pretty much zero round here! 

My sister has been to San Francisco recently and bought back these lovely treats for me, the choco crunch cookies were gorgeous but the chocolate unfortunately had dairy in it so I gave that to Dale. I've noticed that dairy really does not help my skin when it comes to acne so I am trying my best not to eat it along with too much sugar which again is why the cereal and banana cake is a treat. 

Lunches are never the same but this healthy fat punch in the face was so tasty, some people shy away from good fats but not me oh no! 

Dinners again have been random but I've been keeping them pretty healthy, this was a fillet of trout oven baked on top of carrot and mushroom rice drizzled with lemon oil. This was a total party for the tastebuds and will definitely be made again. 

November looks to be another busy month for me, I will be working my last 3 weeks at the house then I have a holiday planned to visit my family in Ireland. When I return its my birthday the big 35 before starting my new job on the 1st jeez I'm getting flustered just thinking about it! 

Lots of exciting stuff to come and I will be back to tell all I promise, until then enjoy the last few days of the month and have a blast if your going out for Halloween! 

Friday, 30 September 2016

Currently..... September 2016

Hello, how are we? 
I can't believe its October tomorrow, where did September go? I've had a good month, had fun with friends and family, worked lots and enjoyed the warm days that have stayed with us through September. Because it took me all month to get to sit down and have some time to think about blogging I thought I'd do a Currently post to show you whats going on round my way which is no way near as quiet as it seems : )


I have been loving these Rombouts filter coffees which I can take to work and enjoy on my breaks, the coffee at work is usually not great so having filter coffee with me is a real treat. They are the perfect pick me up and the flavours are gorgeous, it was national coffee day yesterday and I enjoyed one of these coffees to celebrate, yum! 

I'm also still having a daily smoothie, with the weather getting colder I'm not sure how long these will be a daily ritual but for now I'm not ready to them up, they're just so good! 


I've been getting a good fill of hemp lately, I was sent these yummy hemp products from Planet Hemp
which are really tasty. I have been adding hemp seeds to rice dishes and smoothies, hemp oil to salads and the super greens powder to smoothies all of which taste fab plus they are enriching my diet which is always a good thing. 

Now I haven't been eating these all the time but I treated myself to a gluten free fish finger sandwich the other day and it was bloody lovely brought back a feeling of childhood which is always a nice feeling. Didn't we all used to eat a fish finger sandwiches?!


Cats! I think everyone knows by now how obsessed with cats I am, I love my Sid and I've been looking after my sisters cats whilst she has been away and last sunday I got to meet my friend Annie's new tiny little cute?! 


This year has gone way too quickly, its been a pretty good year and I've done lots of stuff but how am I nearly 35!!! Crazy


I have the best family anyone could ask for and spending time with them is one of my favourite things to do. Me and my sister Jes went for a day out with my mum this month and it was lovely to spend time with my favourite people : )


To get very excited about a new job!! More on this soon : )


Happy and in love, can't believe me and Dale will have been together for 5 years on the 15th of October! We may bicker from time to time but he is the only man I have ever been out with that I can be myself with and laugh about the most ridiculous stuff, definite keeper : ) 

So thats what is currently up with me, hope you've enjoyed the read. I will be back next month to say hi and hopefully with more news on my new job whoop! 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Happy September - A Look Back At Summer

Happy September all! What a glorious start to the month, the sun is shining and there is warmth still to the air which is lovely, summer overall hasn't been too bad this year ok its not been great but its been better than the last few so I'm not complaining! 

Overall I've had a pretty good summer, I've had a couple of great times away, hung out with good friends and really enjoyed myself when I haven't been working that is. I've worked a lot the past few weeks so theres been no time to just sit and think about blogging thats why I'm here with a bumper summer post. I thought this would be a good way to give you an idea of what I've been up to whilst being MIA so sit back relax and check out my pics......


At the end of June me and Dale went on holiday to Morocco, it was quite last minute so not long to wait once we'd booked which was a good way to do it I think. We went to an all inclusive hotel which was the best deal for us and I have to say we absolutely loved it. We both needed to go away and just chill, not do much other then hang out by the pool, eat, drink and spend some time with each other. 

And thats exactly what we did! The pool was glorious, the drinks went down well and the food was ok, the main thing was there were options for me so I can't ask more then that. Not eating gluten, dairy or much sugar can be hard enough at home but go to an all inclusive hotel abroad and you could be very hungry! Luckily I had options, limited yes but I didn't go hungry plus I didn't get to over eat so no unwanted holiday weight score! 

We didn't just sit by the pool all the time, we did go on a couple of trips to break the week up and see Marrakech in all its glory. One of our trips was to see the souks and medina in Marrakech, that was quite an experience and I'm glad we went with guides because me and Dale would have been lost for days! It was pretty crazy to be honest and the pushy sellers was like nothing I've ever experienced, it was quite scary at times but I'm glad we went as it was really interesting to see and the beautiful buildings and decor was glorious. 

We also took a day trip to the Atlas Mountains in a 4x4 which was utterly amazing, I loved it the only scary part was the guy driving the the 4x4 whipping round the very narrow mountain roads! We went to a traditional Burma home and got to see how they live which was fascinating and so refreshing, it really is a different world. 

The mountains were so beautiful and we had a great day out, I would recommend this to anyone that goes to visit that part the world. 

I spent a lot of the holiday snapping the cutest cats! OMG the cats there are so cute I couldn't help myself, the little ginger and white one (top pic) lived at the hotel and she came to hang out with us in the mornings, I fell a little bit in love with her : )

So to round up we had the best time in Morocco, the hotel was gorgeous the people were lovely and we couldn't have had a better time I could be whisked back tomorrow please. 

Dale's Birthday

For Dales actual birthday we went fishing (of course!) and had a lovely day by the lake before going out for dinner with his family to a nice restaurant in town.

We extended the birthday celebrations to the weekend and rented a house in Brighton with our friends, we booked a house from AirBnB. It was way better then booking a hotel because we had a whole house and what a house, it was beautiful! The house was so nicely done I actually wanted to move in, I think we all did! 

We spent the morning looking round the shops before heading to the seafront for some drinks in the sun, it was a really hot summers day and couldn't of been more perfect. We had an early dinner at Pho before heading home for some chill time and drinks. 

We ended up going into town and the rest is drunken history! A great weekend spent with great friends : )

So what else have been up to when I haven't been working? Well I have had some new tattoos, been to some shows at our local theatre, been out to eat with friends and went to do a quiz night which we failed miserably at but it was still fun, spent time with family and generally had a good time.

Fitness wise I have been going to some classes at the gym on a regular basis, LBT and Armageddon  being my favourites, I've done some walking and even some running (its been a while!) along the seafront and worked out with clients so I've been keeping my fitness up. The only thing I haven't been able to do is my yoga classes as they have been shut but they reopen on Monday and I can't wait to get back on the mat. 

Food wise I've been pretty good, I've been eating a varied diet with lots of healthy ingredients, I think I definitely live by the 80/20 rule these days. The majority of my diet is all homemade healthy foods such as veggies, whole grains and proteins then there is that 20% of things that sneak in like crisps, alcohol and a few sweet treats but they are definitely few and far between but I feel good with the way I eat so thats the main thing. Smoothies have become a daily breakfast meal for me and Dale especially since having a Froothie blender its literally transformed my smoothies and they are bloody delicious plus a great way to start the day. 

So thats my summer summed up in one post, I hope I didn't bore you! I still can't quite believe we are already at September we are all always saying how time flies by but this year has taken the biscuit! I do love Autumn though and the change of season, that crisp feel in the air when the sun is still shining and the leaves dropping to the floor its a wonderful time of year : )


Whats the best thing you have done this summer?

Mine would have to be Morocco, what a holiday! 

Thursday, 28 July 2016

5 Things I'm Loving

Hey Hey! How are we? 
I'm all good busy as ever with all sorts of things going on this side of the screen as always. I've been on holiday to Morocco, stayed in Brighton for a weekend, been working like a dog and managed to fit a few social events in too. I finally have time to sit relax and blog which I've been meaning to do for bloody ages! I thought I would write a 5 things I'm loving post which I haven't done since 
May 2015 unbelievably. So lets get to it shall we my 5 things are.......

Coconut Oil

When aren't I loving coconut oil right?! Well this has been a long term love affair of mine, its just so good for you inside and out which makes it one of my favourite products to use in the kitchen and as a beauty product. I have been using the coconut oil from Indigo Herbs which is delicious by the way. I highly recommend you going over to look at their products they have a great range of stuff to keep you in tip top condition. 


Avocados are a staple in my diet and there is nothing like cutting one open and it being perfect. I don't know about you but its not always easy to get an avocado as perfect as this, they are either too hard or with a blink of an eye to bloody ripe and all black so when I open one up to find this green and yellow perfection it makes my day! 

Tilda Pulses & Rice

I'm loving these pouches of pulses and rice from Tilda they are perfect for me to take to work for a quick and easy dinner. I am not really one for convenience food but when your pushed for time at work having something that is gluten free and quick to make is a great help plus these taste yummy which is pretty important too! 

Carrot Cake Nakd Bars

Having a healthy snack kicking about my bag is always necessary and these new bad boys from Nakd Wholefoods are my new favourite go to snack. I have been a fan of the nakd bars for so long and have always been a solid ginger fan but these just took the top spot for me so good! 

New Tattoo Dots

I have wanted little dots on my fingers for ages so I treated myself to some the other day at a friends tattoo shop and I love them, although I think they will need to be done twice but thats fine I'm pretty good with the pain....tough as nails me! I am planning to get a couple more pieces done in the next few weeks so watch this space : )

So there are my 5, I am planning on doing a post about my recent holidays and I have some recipes I'm dying to post so I hope to be back sooner rather then later. I hope everyone is well and enjoying life well as much as they can with all that is going on in the world right now.......another reason I have been MIA to be fair is my recent obsession with all that is going on in world. I have never been a political person but I have been so enraged of late that I can't help to be. I won't go on....maybe I'll do a post but then maybe not I am trying to think of happy things but its hard with so much pain and misery but alas I will stop before I go into some crazy rant! 


Anything you have been loving lately?

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

My Favourite Cherry Smoothies featuring Indigo Herbs

Well I could have sworn I wrote a blog post in June but it seems not, better late then though I guess! In my last post I promised to share my cherry smoothie recipes with you so here I am. I've been using cherries and blueberries in my smoothies for the past few months because they don't aggravate my skin, I have actually been cleared to add bananas back into my diet but only on occasion which is great news because we all know how good a frozen banana is in a smoothie. But we're not talking bananas today we're talking cherries so feast your eyes and get blending! 

Cherry and Cashew Smoothie

Ingredients into the blender:

1-2 cups unsweetened almond milk
1 scoop of sun warrior vanilla protein powder
1 Tbsp of cashew butter
1 Tbsp Indigo Herbs Super Vital Powder
1-2 cups of frozen cherries (depending how thick you like your smoothies)


Cherry and Chocolate Smoothie

Ingredients into blender:

1-2 cups unsweetened almond milk
1 Tbsp cocoa/cacao
1 scoop sun warrior vanilla protein powder
1 Tbsp Indigo Herbs Super Vital Powder
1 cup frozen blueberries 
1 cup frozen cherries 


Both these smoothies are vegan and gluten free, filling and delicious perfect breakfast for the warmer months and great after a killer workout. The Super Vital Powder has a nice flavour, not too strong and it packs a healthy punch of Vitamin C and Antioxidants so well worth adding into your smoothies for an extra health boost for the immune system. 

Well thats all from me I'm off to Morocco on Friday so you can keep up to date with my goings on via my Instagram @tamzinsparkles. Enjoy the rest of June folks and I'll see ya in July! 


Whats your favourite smoothie combo?

Friday, 27 May 2016

May 2016 In Pictures

Hello, how are ya?

I'm pretty good, I've just had a few days off from work which was definitely needed this month has been pretty full on work wise so having time for anything else just hasn't happened. I have managed to take a few pictures over the month though so I can show you what I've been up to and what I've been loving....enjoy!


I haven't eaten any sugar for weeks other then adding a few blueberries and cherries to a smoothie once or twice a week which doesn't seem to be upsetting my skin, yay! My favourite combo right now is cherry, blueberry and chocolate with a little added extra from Indigo Herbs SuperVital Powder, a delicious and filling way to start the day now the weather is warmer. I'll post the recipe for this soon. 

Vegan Pesto

I have been making some awesome vegan pesto lately, I decided to make my own because the bought varieties either contain cheese, sugar or are really expensive so making my own just makes sense. This is basil and cashew which I can confirm is bloody lovely, again recipe to be posted soon. 

Coconut Oil

The lovely guys over at Vita Coco were kind enough to send me these two pots of coconut oil and as always I have been using it for all sorts of things from cooking to beauty. Such a versatile awesome product it will never get old for me! 

Herbivore Botanicals

I have been using these yummy products from Herbivore Botanicals, as you know if you read my blog I have been having a nightmare with my skin and having heard rave reviews about Herbivore Botanicals I thought I'd give them a go. I bought the Lapis face oil and Bamboo Charcoal face soap. So far so good the oil is gorgeous and I put it on every night, the soap makes my skin feel so clean, I only use it 2/3 times a week as my skin doesn't like being washed everyday but it seems to be helping yay! 

My skin has improved so much lately that I have actually been wearing my hair up! I may sound crazy but I was so self conscious about my skin that hair down was the only option but now (although my skin is not completely clear) I feel so much more confident I am putting the locks up more often.


I took a couple of the ladies from work to Cardiff for a few days as one of them is a huge Dr Who fan. We went to the Dr Who experience and they really enjoyed their time away which was great, although pretty tiring and sometimes stressful for me it was worth it to see them have a fab time. 

Dog Walking

Having a few days off this week meant I got to take these cuties out for walks, the top one is Dale's sisters dog and we took him for a long walk where Dale goes fishing and he loved it, the other belongs to my friend Stef and he is the cutest Jack Russell. I went to Stefs for the day and we took Eddie out for a walk then went to hers to look through some old photos which was hilarious. 

So although I've been MIA round here I have been busy working and enjoying life this side of the screen. I know I always say it but I am hoping to blog a bit more over the next fews months I have some exciting things coming up and stuff I want to share with you so we'll see. 


Have you had a good May?