Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Recipe: Gluten Free Caramel Cheesecakes with Merchant Gourmet Dulce De Leche

Hello how are we, are you enjoying May or has it flown by in what seems like a few days like it has for me?! I can't say I haven't enjoyed the past couple of weeks but I am definitely surprised that in just a few days we will be saying goodbye May and hello June crazy right?? 

The past week before the bank holiday has been a bit of a blur for me I worked a lot of extra hours and the week just seemed to disappear, there was fun mixed in but it was very tiring and I am in need of a few days off which I am getting this weekend yay! I am still trying to find the time to blog and pop in to say hi especially as I have so much to blog about but alas there just has not been the time but I have a sneaky hour today so I just had to drop in and share this glorious pudding recipe with you, its definitely not for those watching the calories but if you enjoy a healthy balanced diet there is no reason why you couldn't indulge in this pudding because I can tell you now this is one you are going to want to try! 

Gluten Free Caramel Cheesecakes 

Quite a while ago now I was lucky enough to be treated to this jar of Dulce De Leche from the kind peeps over at Merchant Gourmet, not something I would think of buying myself but I am so glad I got to try it because it is glorious! A couple of weeks ago I asked my dad and his girlfriend round for dinner so I had the perfect opportunity to try this stuff out and I new exactly what I was going to create, Dale loves caramel and my dad loves cheesecake so that is how this recipe was born....

(makes 4)


1/2 pack gluten free digestive biscuits
2 Tbsp coconut sugar
2 Tbsp lacto free butter


1 + 1/2 pack lacto free cream cheese
3 Tbsp Dulce De Leche
4 Tbsp crushed almonds 
1 + 1/2 Tbsp coconut sugar



Crush the digestive biscuits and put to the side. In a small saucepan heat the butter over a low heat, once melted remove from the heat and stir in biscuits and coconut sugar. Once combined place in 4 pots in equal quantities, then put in the fridge to cool. 


In a bowl mix cream cheese and dulce de leche put aside, in a small pan add the crushed almonds and coconut sugar, continuously stir over a low heat until sugar melts and coats the almonds, remove from heat. Take the cheesecake base out of the fridge and top with the cream cheese mix in equal parts then top with the crushed almonds and place back in the fridge. 

Take the cheesecakes out of the fridge 10-20 minutes before serving.....enjoy! 

These bad boys went down a treat, they are rich and creamy and make for a very luxurious pudding which are a total crowd pleaser. Dale has asked for these to be made again which I will be happy to do although only for a special occasion as they are definitely not low calorie! 

Have a lovely wednesday peeps, and if you get a chance to make these let me know what you think x


Are you a cheesecake fan?

Have you tried Merchant Gourmet's Dulce De Leche?

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Food, Fun and Fitness

Hello, how are we and how is May shaping up for you? I'm loving this month so far there has already been loads of fun and its only set to get better! Its been all go this side of the screen and here's why:

Last month me my sister and another friend all got chosen for bridesmaid duties at one of our best friends weddings which might I add is on the 20th of June so not long to get sorted! We still have our outfits to buy so the beginning of May has been all about finding something to wear, we still haven't decided yet but we need to quickly! With all of us working pretty heavy ours though its hard to fit in the time so the internet is getting pounded any spare moment.  


My food intake never seems to be affected though I can always find time to eat especially when almond butter is involved...

Gluten free oats with almond butter and coconut sugar is just bloody amazing and always sets me up for the day. 

Scrambled veggies and egg topped with almond butter makes a great lunch or breakfast to be honest and is super filling, I can't get enough of it : )

It hasn't been all about almond butter though.....

I got home after a 20hr shift yesterday and had my first smoothie in ages, I was actually greeted by Dale with this freshly made for me which was a right treat! Smoothie weather is definitely upon us. 

Then last night after a great outdoor workout with a client I made this tasty dish of tomato and chilli veggies topped with gluten free sausages, so good : )


Over the bank holiday weekend I met up with some friends one of which is pregnant for the first time which is sooooo exciting, I can't wait to meet the little nugget, roll on August! 

As I mentioned I have been searching for a bridesmaid outfit and last week me and the girls went to Bluewater shopping centre to hunt, we didn't find anything we could decide on but it was such a fun day with the girls trying on loads of outfits. 

Then this past weekend me and Dale went to his boss's wife's birthday party and had a fab time.....

Gotta love a party with a photo booth, after a few bevy's! 


The workouts have definitely picked up over the past few weeks I have been doing lots more home workouts including strength and HIIT and lots more outdoor running. I have been doing 2-3 runs a week and 2-3 home workouts which is definitely needed before the wedding and of course Glastonbury, I have high hopes that this year its going to be a dry one...please : )

I also do at least one long walk a week with a client which is always a fab way to start the day especially when we walk along the seafront. 

I can't believe this month is almost half way through and with so much going on over the next few months this year is gonna be over sooner then I know it I guess thats the same for most of us though ay?!


What has May been like for you so far?

Saturday, 2 May 2015

April 2015 in Pictures

Hello! Well its been a long time since I came by to say hi hasn't it!? I decided to take a month off from social media and take a step back from the blog, my Instagram account and Facebook. I have dropped in a bit on the the other sites but not much as I just needed to cut myself off for a bit. With my new job and still training clients I am working a lot and really felt the need to just relax in my free time and see my friends and family rather then sitting at a computer screen and its been good but I do miss blogging so I am back! 

April has been a good month I have had lots of fun with Dale, friends and family. I have been getting out and doing lots of workouts and eating some very tasty foods so I thought this post could be an avalanche of photos for you to see whats been going on this month so sit back grab a cuppa and enjoy this phono marathon! 

Food Glorious Food

I made a glorious banana and carrot cake which went down a treat.

I discovered M&S have a great gluten free range including a poppy seed loaf which is awesome teamed with raspberry jam.

Quick and easy dishes with eggs and veggies is still a go to meal for me. 

I enjoyed some cereal to change things up at breakfast time.

I also got back to having some savoury breakfasts, you can't beat chicken with avocado to start the day!

I suffered from a killer cold which only lasted a few days thank god, I think meals packed with veggies and LOTS of garlic like this pasta dish helped : )

I discovered the new Nakd nibbles which are rather tasty I think my favourite so far would have to be the salted caramel, yummy! 

I treated myself to some peppered smoked mackerel which remmed me how much I love it and it will be eaten a lot more! 

Me and Dale got a day off together and started it by going for breakfast on a big red bus.....

I enjoyed every bite of this bad boy!

It was really fun and really tasty, I think me and Dale will be revisiting the bus for another breakfast for sure.

Getting Out and About

After our breakfast we went fishing for the day which was really relaxing.

I have got out for lots of morning walks and enjoyed the weather getting warmer. 

I have also stepped up the running and been getting 2-3 in a week on top of my home workouts, summer is coming and I definitely need to step it up a little! 

Everything Else

I looked after me sisters kitty cats while she enjoyed some time in Paris.

I got my fringe cut a little shorter and spent a few nights out with friends.

I ended the month with a day trip to Brighton with my friend Wayne and we took some time to sit in the sun and watch the world go by. 

As you can see although I haven't been here I have been doing lots, I hope you too had a fabulous April. I'm looking forward to catching up with all your blogs and getting back to blogging x


How was April for you?

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Readers!! 

photo credit - star song studio

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your Easter! I am working today so I shall be spending it at the house which is all good because I still get to eat my egg haha x

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Where Did March Go?

Well blogging more definitely didn't happen this month! I can't believe its the last day of March already, the past couple of weeks have been crazy so much to do which has left little time for anything else which has meant the blog was slightly forgotten sorry! 

I hope everyone has had a good March? I've had a great month but it has whizzed by so fast! The past couple of weeks has been pretty much all work and a tiny bit of play. I had to get my work training folder finished by last Thursday and I pleased to say it was signed off with everything complete and correct yay! That means I just have to wait till June now to become an official member of staff and things are looking good so I'm not too worried. One of the other support workers has just left to relocate elsewhere and I have actually asked to go up in hours which was agreed so I will be working a bit more, just shows how much I love it!

Other then support work I am still training a few clients which is good and I have spent some time with friends which is always a must when we are free at the same time. I have also been eating some yummy foods and walking a lot. Unfortunately after going on about how good my back was feeling it went agin a couple of weeks ago after some stupid exercise move I did which I will not be doing again! So although it has got back to feeling fine quite quickly I am being very careful and was just walking for a couple of weeks but I am now able to add some running in too which is fab. I will be getting back to some other workouts after this week as long as my back is still feeling good. 

I haven't actually taken many pics this month but I did have a few stored up so thought I would share them with you.......

I have recently discovered some gluten free fruit bread and topped with butter and cheese, both lactose free, is bloody delicious! Not something I need to be eating everyday but definitely good for a treat breakfast.

I made me and Dale some spicy peanut chicken the other day which was so tasty, although very rich! I made the sauce by mixing peanut butter, tamari, red thai chilly paste and tom puree so very easy to do and it packs a flavour punch! 

Another gluten free treat was had on Sunday morning in the form of onion bagels with bacon and egg a great Sunday breakfast.

We took Dale's sister'd dog out for a walk round some local woods last week while the sun was shining which was fun, I love a good wood walk especially when I am joined by my favourite pup. 

As I mentioned I have been walking lots and its been at all times of the day, I went the other evening around 5pm as the sun was starting to set and the view was beautiful, I love walking along the seafront which my music on, having time to have a good think : )

So that's me, a very quiet month on the blog but very busy this side of the screen I am hoping I can pop by a little more often in April but no promise....


How has March been for you?

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

5 Things I'm Loving - March 2015

Hello! Well its been a while so I thought it was high time to check in with you guys, how we doing?
I'm all good, this past week and half has been a little more busy for me as I have had to make sure my work folder is all up to date and completed for my manager to check it over today before it gets signed off next week, exciting stuff! Hopefully its all correct and I will then just be awaiting my complete 6 month sign off in June all going to plan : )

Along with work at the house, training clients and getting my folder done I have been spending time with my sister and Dale as well as catching up with friends over coffee and its now time to catch up with you! Todays post is all about 5 things I am loving this month so far, sit back grab a cuppa and enjoy the read.....

My Motivational Quote

I was asked by the peeps over at AXA PPP Healthcare to write a motivational quote for them to feature and above is the finished result, a quote that has definitely proven right for me. 

Finding Awesome Recipes on Pinterest

As you all know I am a keen pinner and there is nothing better then finding an awesome recipe that tastes just as good as it looks on the blog you find it. I pinned this delicious lentil and rice curry the other day and decided to make it for me and my sister when she came to stay on Saturday night, the recipe was easy and will definitely be made again so yummy! I left out the cilantro cashew sauce but it didn't matter at all, you can fine the recipe here

Choc Shot Orange Spice

I am a fan of the first chocolate flavoured Choc Shot from Sweet Freedom so when asked if I would like a sample of the new orange spice flavour I said a big YES! Just as good as the original this is perfect on top of porridge if you like to indulge or as a hot chocolate and with it being low in calories you can feel good about it not ruining a healthy diet. Definitely one to try if like me your a lover of chocolate and orange as a combo. 

Red Lips

For me a girl can never go wrong with some red lippy and these days when I'm not working I love a bit of slap! Ha 


As you know my little sis lives in Ireland so we keep in contact through Skype and Viber and the joy I get when Leah sends me a photo of this little man is hard to put into words. He is the cutest little boy and his little face keeps me smiling all day, I can't wait till we can go and see him to get as many cuddles as possible, look at his face too cute!! 


What are you loving this March?

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Hi all, I hope you having a good week? I am up to the eyeballs in course work for my Support Worker job and I felt like taking a break so here I am : )

One of my March blogging goals was to do a Currently post and here it is, so read on to find out some of things that are currently going on in my world....


Mostly sugar free but I did crack and make a homemade cake yesterday! To be fair this banana and carrot cake is very low sugar compared to something I would buy in the shops. It has 2 bananas and 50g for coconut sugar which is not exactly bad so I am enjoying it and will hopefully not get too many skin out breaks!


That the last time I wrote a Currently post was back in November and I was thinking about how I really wanted to do well in my interview and get the job which I now have which is a great feeling. I now just have to pass my 6 month probation (which is June) to be an official member of staff so lets keep our fingers crossed for me : )


Everything and anything! One thing I still find time for is my Pinterest addiction and with nearly 200,000 followers I need to keep them happy and keep pinning! Check out my boards they are filled with all sorts of things from amazing recipes to style ideas.


The sunshine! It maybe a little chilly out of the sun but man am I loving the sun at the moment. It makes me feel excited for the summer months which will be here quicker then we know it yay!


Like I want to move, me and Dale have lived in our little one bedroom flat for over two years now and I am ready to move on. We desperately need more space what with my fitness gear and Dale's fishing stuff I am feeling smothered so its time to start looking for a new place. We are little limited due to Sid and the need for a garden but I am sure something will turn up.


image credit

The Libertines are at Glastonbury along with the Strokes and lots of other bands I love. I hate the fact that the Glastonbury line up is kept secret for so long but it does add to the excitement I guess.


You guys for still popping by even though my posts are few and far between. I could try and post more and more but I think me going on about being busy and working all the time would be a bit boring somehow. This way I can keep my blog alive and it still be something people might like to read : )


To walk more which is due to the nice weather. Last year when I hurt my back all I could do was walk for exercise but it was summer time so getting out wasn't exactly a chore but as the weather got colder and my back pain free I worked more on home fitness and getting my my back really strong. Now its back to being as strong as it was and I can do my usual high intensity workouts I am teaming them with more walking and I have to admit its probably one of my favourite ways to spend free time, when the weather is good of course!


Whats current in your life?