Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Food For Fuel and Pleasure

Another week has passed and I finally have time to pop in, so hello guys! I hope your all enjoying the last week of January, can you believe its almost over and we will be saying hello to February in a few days?! This month has gone quickly but to be honest I'm happy about that purely because February should be a little less hectic once I organise my time a little better. 

I may have been really busy but I have been making sure to eat well and keep the energy levels up so I don't flake. One way of doing that has been to start the day with a hearty bowl of porridge which has obviously been pimped! Here are my three favourites from the past week.....

I used Natures Path gluten free spiced apple oats and topped with coconut sugar and almond butter, winner!!

Plain oats topped with coconut sugar and toasted seeds, I love raw seeds but toasting them really brings the flavour out yummy : )

Lastly was this bowl of joy, plain oats with banana and toasted coconut, again toasting the coconut brings out the flavour. 

This past weekend was my first off all month and I definitely made the most of it. Friday I did have a few clients to train but I found some time to get in the kitchen and finally do some baking!!

I made some gluten free chocolate chip and raisin cookies, well they were more like cake/cookies but they were damn fine so thats all that matters. I used all healthy ingredients (other than the chocolate) and they didn't last long, me and Dale chewed these down in no time! I will post the recipe soon I promise : )

Saturday I spent the morning sorting out my tax return (boring!) and getting it sorted online then the evening me and Dale hit the town for a friends birthday drinks. Hmmmm definitely one to many vodkas which meant Sunday started with a very mean hangover! 

A couple of pain killers and we were off to meet my family for coffee and after that we went out for lunch which was a little disappointing to be honest but good not to have to make it ourselves. 

By sunday night I was really flagging and the thought of cooking was not appealing so we got pizza, gluten free for me from Pizza Express and it was delicious. Topped with roasted veggies, chicken and pesto and I enjoyed every bite. So Sunday was a definite right off for good eating but hey its ok once in a while and I'm not gonna lie and say I eat healthy all the time cause that just ain't true! 

Busyness hasn't let my exercise regime suffer, I have been managing to fit in at least 5 workouts which I'm happy about. I have been loving my runs and strength routines which have got the blood pumping, if I don't make time to workout I feel crap so its gotta be done! 

Well peeps thats my little update, I hope to get back in the next couple of days to share my yummy recipe with you but I am working now till Monday all sorts of unsociable hours so we shall see. Have a great rest of your week and enjoy the last weekend in January x x


Do you always fined time to work out?

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Weekend Work Marathon and Thigh Killer!

Wow how did we get to Wednesday already?! I have been working pretty much solidly since Friday 3pm and its been a real challenge but at least this week its a bit easier even if I don't get a day off till Saturday....... 

Friday night I worked till 10 so getting home and sleeping was all I wanted to do especially as Saturday morning I had a session with a client that consisted of running up and down the East Hill steps in Hastings. Now if you know those steps you will know that they are steep and a total killer. There are actually 177 steps and I went up and down seven times which is 2,478 steps in 45 minutes...not bad right?! 

It was a great workout but man did my legs take it, I think they would have been fine if I hadn't had 5 flights of stairs to contend with over the next three days of work...ha yeah my thighs hated me till yesterday! 

By the time I got home yesterday I was totally done in purely because I am not used to working so many hours in such a small space of time, its going to take a little time to get used to it but all in all I love what I am doing I just need to arrange my clients a bit better because working a lot of hours at my new job and then training clients straight after is not really good I need some time! The only thing that was on my mind was food when I got in and a warm bowl of porridge with almond butter and coconut sugar was like a hug in a bowl....perfect : )

I have one more shift at the house tomorrow and clients to train until friday evening then I have two days off and I am going to relax and really enjoy them thats for sure. Having this new job definitely makes me appreciate my time a lot more especially the time spent with Dale. I felt we were in a bit of a rut purely because our work lives weren't good for either of us and now we both have new jobs it gives us new things to talk about and we have to spend our time together more wisely which can only be a good thing. 2015 has started with a bang and its only going to get better!

Now I have had time to write my own blog post its time to catch up with you guys, I hope your all having a good week and things are as good for you as they are for me x x

Friday, 16 January 2015

Its All Go

Well here we are coming to the end of the second full week of January and its all go thats for sure! Along with starting my new job I am training clients still and doing my own training which is why my time is being all used up and with sleep of course! This month I have had to work as much as possible due to not being paid from the new job till the end of January but I plan to book clients in a little more wisely in February so I get some proper days off, I don't want to burn out.

Because I have been so busy I haven't been able to do lots of the things on here that I wanted, I have some product and book reviews to share with you but they will probably have to wait till February now and I will book in some blogging days, I definitely need to I miss writing on here and catching up with you all : )

My new job as I have mentioned is going really well, there is so much to learn and getting to know the tenants in my house is lots of fun. My new work colleagues are all really nice and helpful too which is making things nice and easy to settle in. My new job is working with people that have learning difficulties (if you didn't catch that post) and its a real eye opener, I definitely feel like this was meant to be and its going to be an exciting ride! 

My other job as a personal trainer is also still going well, I am very lucky to have loyal clients that have trained with me for a long time now and they are all happy to fit round my new job which is fantastic for me. My own training is all good too, I am loving working out and getting back into some running although this wet and windy weather has kept me inside working out most of this week hopefully the rain will stay away tomorrow as I have a planned session outside with a client including a lot of steps, its gonna be a killer! 

Food again this week has been really good I still get my organic veg box from Abel and Cole every Friday which is great for mixing up my meal ideas. One thing I am having to get used to is being prepared for my shifts with snacks and healthy meals but I seem to have got back into it quite easily, I hate being caught out with nothing to eat! I haven't taken loads of food pics lately because I just don't have time to blog about it all but I have got a few so here's some of what I have been chomping this week....

Eggs are always featuring in my diet because I love them and they keep me full for ages which is good when I am so busy. I also love how versatile eggs are : )

I definitely need healthy snacks on hand which are easy to pop in my bag and as I just haven't had time to make any of my own I took advantage of a recent deal and bulk bought some nakd bars. The bakewell tart ones are my new favourite but you can never go wrong with the cocoa delight if your in need of a chocolate fix! 

I took a visit to the butchers earlier in the week and picked up some mince, Dale loves beef mince so I cooked it with lots of veggies to keep it healthy and it was a very tasty meal. 

Last night I had to make use of the things left over before my new veg box arrives today so I made a meal that turned out even better then I thought it would, always good when that happens! This was spicy pumpkin and tomato chickpeas with a feta and basil crumble plus potato wedges, yum! 

Today starts my heavy weekend of work at the house, I have shifts now till Tuesday morning so its gonna be pretty exhausting. I shall catch up with you all next week, have a great weekend readers! 


How's the first month of 2015 treating you?

Monday, 12 January 2015

Busy Busy Busy

Hello Monday readers, I hope you had a good weekend? I had my first full weekend of work at my new job which included my first 24hr shift, I was quite nervous about it at first but it actually went really well. Friday I worked the afternoon/evening shift then stayed at the house and started my day shift from 9 till 3, it sounds like a killer but I got a good nights sleep despite being in a strange bed and the wind blowing a gale outside so felt fine to start work again the next day. The weekends are actually really good fun as the tenants have the days to do what they like which meant a trip to town for coffee and shoe shopping for me on saturday...pretty sweet right?! I also worked Sunday day so there has been no time to get on here really, once I have settled in to this new work routine I will hopefully get some blog posts written up so I can get them posted a bit more frequently but I can't promise anything! 

Meals at work have been salads which are easy to throw together and take with me and I have been eating Nakd bars for snacks. I actually invested in a couple of boxes after seeing a deal on their site which should be turing up any day, whoop! 

Looking through my phone pics there wasn't much to share but I did find these two yummy meals that were eaten in the past couple of days which were bloody tasty and definitely something I am sure most of you would like to wrap ya lips round! 

I had the above meal for lunch and I'm pretty sure I will be making it again very soon because it was delicious, I baked a sweet potato and topped with sprouts that had been cooked in coconut oil and feta. A great combo of flavours and very filling : )

On Saturday night me and Dale made dinner together and it turned out fabulously. I popped to the butchers after work to pick up some meat including chicken breasts which we stuffed with feta and pesto then baked in the oven with some swede chips that I seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika. I served the chicken on some steamed garlic kale and the flavours of this meal rocked! 

This is my only day off for the next two weeks so its a crazy busy month this side of the screen but its all good and I am sure I'll get time to pop in and say hi....hopefully! 

Enjoy the rest of your day peeps x x


Hows January going for you?

Friday, 9 January 2015

Seafront Runs and Savoury Food

My god isn't it cold!? I don't know about you but I am really feeling the chill at the moment so I have been warming myself up through some good old exercise! If I get up and get moving it seems to sort me out for most of the day and gets the blood pumping so I am not as cold as I might be having done nothing. 

It may be cold but it hasn't stopped me getting out and jumping back on the running train, as you know I love to run but too much and my shins start to hate me so I have been doing walk runs this week along the seafront which seem to be fine, I've managed to do four which is pretty good if you ask me. Along with the runs I have been doing some strength training at home which has left me pretty sore but in a good way, I love me some DOMS! 

As well as upping the workouts I've been upping the veggies too and I am loving my meals this week, they are making me feel better after the over indulging. Me and Dale did a strength workout on tuesday night followed by a little run and to refuel had a yummy bowl of gluten free pasta topped with spicy tomato veggies and feta..delish! 

One lunch time I fried some sprouts and eggs in coconut oil and again had a little feta which is such a gooooooood combo you gotta try it! 

My favourite meal this week has got to be this cabbage, carrot and onion salad with tuna, olive oil and balsamic vinegar really simple but so flavoursome! I shall be making this to take with me for dinner tonight cause its an easy transportable meal that is filling and super tasty : )

I did another seafront run this morning at 6am with a client which set us up for the day. It was cold, windy, wet and dark but we went anyway, good right?!

Today is my first sleep in shift at work and I am excited to get the first one done, I am sure I will find it pretty strange at first but I am looking forward to it all the same. I also have my medication assessment today so fingers crossed I pass!! Its all very exciting to be honest and I am loving the new job and can just feel this is going to be a good year! 

Have a great weekend readers x x


Are you upping the exercise this month?

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Year, New Goals, New Me

This time of year so many of us make resolutions or goals and I am definitely jumping on the band wagon and making some of my own. I found this list on Pinterest and loved it, all of the things on this list I want to make a priority this year to me feel fabulous!  

picture credit - Thyme is Honey

As well as working on all of the above I have some other goals personal to me which are:

1. Succeed in my new job role and in six months become a permanent member of staff.

My new job is a 6 month temporary contract until I have completed all my training and passed all the KPI's etc so I am making it my mission to pass with flying colours and get a permanent contract. 

2. Lose the gained festive weight.

Oh yes I am pretty sure I am not alone with this one, my 5:2 dieting went out the window over the festive period and I ate lots of rich foods so I am back on the fast train as well as upping my exercise and eating of veggies. 

3. Have fun and go on holidays

Last year due to money issues me and Dale didn't really get to do a whole lot so this year we plan to have lots of fun together as well as doing our own stuff, so keep your eyes peeled for some fun times that will be enjoyed this year. 

4. Make time to blog and grow my site

Definitely something I want to do this year is change up my blog a little and make it a bit more shiny and this space! 

All of the above are goals that will be achieved gradually throughout the year and you will see them happen as I blog about them : )


Did you make any New Year goals?

Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy New Year! Better Late Then Never Right?

Hello everyone, how are you all? It would be fair to think I had dropped off the face of the earth but that is not true I have just been enjoying the last couple of weeks getting into my new job and hanging with Dale, family and friends. 

To be honest I needed a little time out from the blog, I was feeling a little lost so thought a some time away would do me good and you know what it has. I had a wonderful Christmas we spent most of it at Dale's mums and it was lovely to just relax with people I love, having a few drinks eating great food and just being. We also went out a lot over the Christmas period which didn't leave much time for anything else. I wanted to really enjoy it as next Christmas and New Year I will be working most of it due to my new job. 

New Year was lots of fun and since then I've been catching up on sleep pretty much as well as a working a little and again hanging with Dale which has been so nice. 

 I will do a goals post this month, I have already decided on most of them so it would be good to share them so I am accountable and can tell you all how I am doing. I definitely need to lose some pounds that have appeared over the past couple of weeks, but the biggest thing for me this month is my new job, so excited! 

I have had a few shadow shifts this past couple of weeks after an intensive training week and today I actually start properly which is very exciting and then Friday will be my first sleep in shift which is slightly scary but I'm looking forward to getting the first one done then it should be plain sailing from there. I am really enjoying it so far and its great being part of a team again and having a place to go and work, I love training clients but I also like working for someone too and this job allows me to do both so its a win win! 

I have actually really missed writing my blog and catching up with all of yours so its good to be back, have a great Monday peeps and don't forget to pop by and check out my January goals.


How was Christmas and New Year for you?