Wednesday, 18 March 2015

5 Things I'm Loving - March 2015

Hello! Well its been a while so I thought it was high time to check in with you guys, how we doing?
I'm all good, this past week and half has been a little more busy for me as I have had to make sure my work folder is all up to date and completed for my manager to check it over today before it gets signed off next week, exciting stuff! Hopefully its all correct and I will then just be awaiting my complete 6 month sign off in June all going to plan : )

Along with work at the house, training clients and getting my folder done I have been spending time with my sister and Dale as well as catching up with friends over coffee and its now time to catch up with you! Todays post is all about 5 things I am loving this month so far, sit back grab a cuppa and enjoy the read.....

My Motivational Quote

I was asked by the peeps over at AXA PPP Healthcare to write a motivational quote for them to feature and above is the finished result, a quote that has definitely proven right for me. 

Finding Awesome Recipes on Pinterest

As you all know I am a keen pinner and there is nothing better then finding an awesome recipe that tastes just as good as it looks on the blog you find it. I pinned this delicious lentil and rice curry the other day and decided to make it for me and my sister when she came to stay on Saturday night, the recipe was easy and will definitely be made again so yummy! I left out the cilantro cashew sauce but it didn't matter at all, you can fine the recipe here

Choc Shot Orange Spice

I am a fan of the first chocolate flavoured Choc Shot from Sweet Freedom so when asked if I would like a sample of the new orange spice flavour I said a big YES! Just as good as the original this is perfect on top of porridge if you like to indulge or as a hot chocolate and with it being low in calories you can feel good about it not ruining a healthy diet. Definitely one to try if like me your a lover of chocolate and orange as a combo. 

Red Lips

For me a girl can never go wrong with some red lippy and these days when I'm not working I love a bit of slap! Ha 


As you know my little sis lives in Ireland so we keep in contact through Skype and Viber and the joy I get when Leah sends me a photo of this little man is hard to put into words. He is the cutest little boy and his little face keeps me smiling all day, I can't wait till we can go and see him to get as many cuddles as possible, look at his face too cute!! 


What are you loving this March?

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Hi all, I hope you having a good week? I am up to the eyeballs in course work for my Support Worker job and I felt like taking a break so here I am : )

One of my March blogging goals was to do a Currently post and here it is, so read on to find out some of things that are currently going on in my world....


Mostly sugar free but I did crack and make a homemade cake yesterday! To be fair this banana and carrot cake is very low sugar compared to something I would buy in the shops. It has 2 bananas and 50g for coconut sugar which is not exactly bad so I am enjoying it and will hopefully not get too many skin out breaks!


That the last time I wrote a Currently post was back in November and I was thinking about how I really wanted to do well in my interview and get the job which I now have which is a great feeling. I now just have to pass my 6 month probation (which is June) to be an official member of staff so lets keep our fingers crossed for me : )


Everything and anything! One thing I still find time for is my Pinterest addiction and with nearly 200,000 followers I need to keep them happy and keep pinning! Check out my boards they are filled with all sorts of things from amazing recipes to style ideas.


The sunshine! It maybe a little chilly out of the sun but man am I loving the sun at the moment. It makes me feel excited for the summer months which will be here quicker then we know it yay!


Like I want to move, me and Dale have lived in our little one bedroom flat for over two years now and I am ready to move on. We desperately need more space what with my fitness gear and Dale's fishing stuff I am feeling smothered so its time to start looking for a new place. We are little limited due to Sid and the need for a garden but I am sure something will turn up.


image credit

The Libertines are at Glastonbury along with the Strokes and lots of other bands I love. I hate the fact that the Glastonbury line up is kept secret for so long but it does add to the excitement I guess.


You guys for still popping by even though my posts are few and far between. I could try and post more and more but I think me going on about being busy and working all the time would be a bit boring somehow. This way I can keep my blog alive and it still be something people might like to read : )


To walk more which is due to the nice weather. Last year when I hurt my back all I could do was walk for exercise but it was summer time so getting out wasn't exactly a chore but as the weather got colder and my back pain free I worked more on home fitness and getting my my back really strong. Now its back to being as strong as it was and I can do my usual high intensity workouts I am teaming them with more walking and I have to admit its probably one of my favourite ways to spend free time, when the weather is good of course!


Whats current in your life?

Monday, 9 March 2015

Easy Peasy Gluten Free Pancakes

Hey everybody, hows it going? Has March started well for you? The month has already been lots of fun for me and we are only 9 days in, I have met up with friends gone for walks in the sun and hung out with family as well as working a lot! 

A little while ago a reader saw a picture of some gluten free pancakes I had made and I promised to post the recipe because these are so easy to make anyone can do it...even you Lynn! 

Sunday morning me and Dale had this wonderful breakfast to start the day and I thought it was time to share the pancake recipe so you guys can enjoy them too : )

Easy Peasy Gluten Free Pancakes 


100g gluten free self raising flour*
1 egg
250ml milk


Whisk all of the ingredients up until frothy then fry in a hot non-stick pan with coconut oil. Thats it, so easy and so tasty. 

*I use self raising flour but you can use plain, I just found the self raising worked better maybe because they are gluten free? 

We teamed our pancakes with smoky bacon, scrambled eggs and avocado but these would work any way you like them. 


What do you like to eat your pancakes with?

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Goodbye February Hello March - Blogging Goals and Savoury Foods

Well can you believe its March already? It definitely came round quickly, last month was great for me so before we talk about this one I'll back track to February first and see how I did on those blogging goals I set for myself. 

I managed to complete four of the five blogging goals which isn't too bad, I shared my Review Post, I wrote a "5 Things I'm Loving" and "A Day In The Life" post as well as sharing some new Recipes. I am still not getting on here as much as I would like but thats just the way things are right now, I am going to set myself some more blogging goals for March and try to get on here a little more if possible. 

March Blogging Goals

Write a "Currently" post - the one I missed in February

Post a gluten free pancake recipe - for a reader

Write a "5 Things I'm Loving in March" post

I'm going to stick to three this month and try and get on here more featuring foods and just life going's on and we'll see how I go. 

One thing that has been on point last month and will be continuing this month is my love of savoury foods. I have been making some really tasty dishes and the pictures have been clogging up my camera roll so here are a few that I thought you might like......

Garlic and chilli roasted squash topped with sticky tomato and tamari chicken with mushrooms and cabbage. 

Eggs, mushrooms and carrot ribbons cooked in coconut oil with a side of avocado.

Roasted herb chicken stuffed with soft goats cheese served with green veggies.

Baked mini sweet potato topped with tomato and chill chickpeas and veggies plus feta. 

All of the above were super tasty and a pleasure to eat even if I do say so myself! I'm loving all these hot foods but I am looking forward to eating lots of salads once the weather starts to warm up and it feels like its on its way, I went for a glorious walk in the sun yesterday all be it very windy but it was so pretty down by the sea I didn't care that the wind was freezing! 

Right time to get ready for my next client, have a great hump day readers x x


Did you have any February goals, how did you do?

Saturday, 28 February 2015

A Day In The Life - Friday February 27th

Happy Saturday folks, I hope you've had a good week? One of my blogging goals this month was to write a "Day In The Life" post and here it is just making the February cut! This is an average Friday for me these days and I thought I'd give you a little peak into how my new work life fits in with the old one : )

5.42am Jump out of bed throw on some clothes and get ready in 8 minutes to leave the house! 
( I love waking up to this cutie!)

6am Arrive at my first clients house for an hour of personal training.

7.10am Arrive home ready for my next client.

7.20am Hit the streets with client no2 for an early morning power walk.

We walked along the seafront.....

Up the East Hill and back to mine....

8.50am Arrive back home 10,000+ steps later! 

9am Shower and get ready for the day.

9.20am Have some much needed breakfast. I ate rice cakes topped with almond butter and lacto-free cheese one the best flavour combos, so good! 

10am Train my next client via Skype

11.15am Another client arrived at mine for an hours training. 

12.30pm Get my bag and dinner ready for work at the house later.

1pm Make lunch. I had eggs and mushrooms coked in coconut oil, a mini sweet potato and 1/2 an avocado. What a tasty lunch : )

1.45pm Meet my friend Wayne for a coffee and a catch up before work.

3pm Start work at the house, we get there at 3 ready for the arrival of all the tenants which is between 3.45-4pm.

4.15pm Accompany one of the ladies to the chiropodists.

5pm Get back to the house and get paper work ready for one of the tenants planning meeting's while they all eat dinner. I ate some plain gluten free oat cakes for a snack here to. 

6pm Complete planning meeting with tenant.

7.15pm Eat dinner. I had a rice and feta salad which was delicious.

7.30pm Administer some of the tenants medications.

7.45pm Take two of the ladies into town for a Friday night drink. We sat in a quiet little bar and chatted : )

8.50pm Arrive home and sot out monies and update tenants files. 

9.10pm Administer more medication and up date files. 

9.20pm Sign off all of my days paperwork. 

9.40pm All done and time to get off home. 

10pm Arrive home after filling up the petrol tank on the way, I'm beat! 

10.40pm All ready for bed its time to collapse into dream world......

And there we have it an average day for me, busy right? There are a lot more things I do on a shift at work but listing them all would be pretty boring so I listed the main things to give you an idea. I literally don't stop from the moment I get to the house until I leave be that the same day or a 24hr shift but I really love it, such a great rewarding job and lots of fun..mostly! 

Enjoy your weekend x

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

5 Things I'm Loving - February 2015

One of my blogging goals this month was to share a "5 Things I'm Loving Right Now" post its had a slight title change this time because from now on I am hoping to do a 5 Things each month to share some of the things that make me happy during that month and it shouldn't be too hard to do...honest!

So what have I been loving this month? Well lots to be honest, both jobs are still going well and I am loving working with the people at my new job. I have spent time with my girlfriends, sister and even managed to fit in a wedding reception last week which was great fun seeing some old friends and the joy of two people newly married, love a wedding! But there are some things that have stood out that I wanted to share with you lovely people and they are.....

My New Tattoo

A friend of mine, Alexis, has just opened a new tattoo studio in Hastings called Two Snakes Tattoo and it looks amazing so when there was a Valentines offer on I couldn't resist getting a little something done. I chose this little heart spider which is right in the crease of my arm, a little bit of a stinger to get done but I love it! I can't wait to book in for some more work done by Alexis and her co worker Cassandra who is also a great tattoo artist : )

Fancy coming to Hastings and getting something done? Check them both out on Instagram - Alexis & Cassandra 

Crunchy Almond Butter

OMG my clients now me so well, one of them just returned from a week in New York and bought me back this all natural crunchy almond butter and its the bomb! I usually buy smooth but I gotta say the crunchy is sooooo good I am loving this in porridge, on rice cakes with cheese or just off the spoon, its definitely not gonna last long round here. 

Jawbone Up Band

I was lucky enough to have this bought for me last year for my birthday, the first one I got was broken so it had to be changed and I didn't start using it till January so I've had a good try out and really like using it. The Jawbone tracks your steps, exercise, food, and sleep on a daily basis. I don't personally use it to track my food but the other things I track and its great for reminding to take more steps to reach your daily goal and it gives me and insight to how I sleep and I can confirm I need more! I don't know how accurate it is but it gives me a good idea and I love any kind of fitness tracker so its working for me : )

Bombay Mix

I have been finding alternatives to snack on since going sugar free and I am loving some good old bombay mix. My local health food shop sells it made from gram flour so its gluten free and sugar free which is perfect for me. I try not to eat too much as its pretty high in calories but its so addictive! 

Twinings Intensely Buttermint Tea

I love most mint teas but I think I've found my favourite in Twinings Buttermint tea, it tastes exactly like a murray mint without the sugar and calories and I can't get enough of it. I'm definitely going to need to buy two boxes next time as I destroyed this box in a matter of days! 


Have tried any of the above?

What have you been loving during February?

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Sugar Free, Wholesome and Delicious

No your eyes do not deceive you this is indeed another post from me, two days in a row, score! I have a little time today so thought I would use it wisely and show you some of the foods I have been enjoying lately, all sugar free, wholesome and delicious. As I have mentioned before I try to eat well even if I am busy and having to go sugar free also presents its own challenges basically I have to make everything from scratch and be prepared! Lucky for me I really enjoy cooking savoury foods as well as sweet and these meals were all scrumptious!  

Porridge is one of my favourite breakfasts and teaming oats with lacto free milk, almond butter and a pinch of salt is a great start to the day. I actually prefer it without and sugar and find it keeps me fuller for longer, no sugar highs or lows!

About a week ago I made this wonderful avocado, basil and garlic pasta dish which was awesome! I made the avocado sauce by blending 1.5 avocados, fresh basil, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper and mixed through some gluten free spaghetti and veggies. Such a yummy meal that I will be making again I'm sure.

As you are all aware it was Shrove Tuesday last week which means pancakes and we celebrated in style. I love sweet pancakes but as that wasn't an option this year we went savoury by adding bacon, scrambled egg and avocado to our gluten free pancakes and man was it good. It reminded me how good pancakes are sweet or savoury and I plan on eating them a little more often! 

Lastly is this cheap as chips chickpea dish that is super filling and easy to make. This was literally chickpeas, veggies some spices a little tomato puree and a dash of tamari all fried up in coconut oil and topped with a little lacto free cheese. Sometimes the simple dishes are the best : )

I love food as you well know and having to make everything yourself due to allergies or intolerances makes you a lot more experimental which I really enjoy, lucky really! 


Did you make pancakes, what was your flavour combo?