Friday, 24 March 2017

Thumbs Up

Hello all, how are we? I'd love to say I'm feeling fabulous but that would be a lie, I cut the end of my thumb off with a mandoline on Tuesday evening and it bloody hurt! Yes I was a complete kitchen fool and forgot there was a guard that I was supposed to use with it and I slipped and sliced the top of my thumb off.......I spent 5.5 hours in A&E, got bandaged up and sent on my way not the best way to start the week but hey lessoned learned....I will never use a mandoline ever again! 

Luckily I have today off so 3 day weekend yay and I only have to work Monday and Tuesday next week then have a week off which is good as there are so many grabby hands at work that put me on edge. I went to the docs today and had the dressing changed, the nurse said it looks healthy its just going to take a while to heal so no thumbs up from me for a while! 

Anyway enough about my sore thumb I've been eating some yummy food lately and wanted to share my food pics from this week.......

I like some weird flavour combos and peanut butter, marmite and cheese on toast is one of them, I love it. And this M&S gluten free bread is a total winner for me, if you have to eat gluten free you know how hard it is to find bread that actually tastes nice not just toasted but as a sandwich and this poppy seed loaf is so soft and fluffy perfect for a good old sarnie or as toast. I would definitely recommend trying it if your gluten free. 

Work lunches these days look a lot like this, veggies and rice either as is, with nuts or a protein. We make a meal the night before (enough for 4) and then box up half for the next days lunch. Above was rice with salt and pepper cashews and tomato pesto veggies, so delicious and filling perfect if your eating lunch in the car too! 

It seems like ages since I have eaten an avocado and this beauty was perfectly ripe and topped with a little pink himalayan salt which made the flavour pop. Avocados are one of my favourite food items so I'm definitely going to be getting them more often then I have, they're perfect for snacks and as part of a meal or smoothie so they need to be on the shopping list from now on. 

Cake! I love cake, obviously who doesn't, and this was so tasty although I think it could of done with 5 more minutes in the oven but it was yummy all the same. Another different flavour combo was used for my cake, lemon, rose and courgette to be precise which worked so well that I'll be trying it out again hopefully today if I can cook with my angry thumb! If it goes well I'll be sharing the recipe with you guys as I know you all love cake as much as me : )

So friends have a fab weekend and I'll be back to check in soon. 

Friday, 17 March 2017

Its All About Pomora Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hello peeps, how are we and how is March treating you? I'm all good, work is busy as ever but I am definitely feeling a little more settled there which is nice maybe I was a little quick to judge?

Lucky me I have a 3 day weekend so I thought I'd drop in and say hi and share with you a post that I have been meaning to do for months! Ages ago I was sent some delicious Pomora extra virgin olive oil to try out and boy have I been trying it out its awesome and so tasty, it literally changes the depth of a meal and makes my taste buds sing. Before I share some yummy eats I have made with my oils let me give a little background on Pomora and how their company works...its really cool!

Pomora is an adoption programme, you adopt an olive tree and receive olive oil throughout the year. Pomora don't have any physical shops so they cut out the middle man which means more money goes to the farmers and the local community, they use sustainable farming methods looking after the land and giving you high quality product which you can definitely taste. There are two different regions to choose from which each have their own unique taste, to me both are really good plus you can choose from plain olive oil or a range of flavours. You can check the details out here

I have been making all sorts of different meals with my oils so here is a few ideas I have been revisiting time and time again, because they taste so good! 

Pesto....I have been making pesto with cashews and either parsley or basil and the plain extra virgin olive oil.

It makes a great dressing for pasta with veggies and using the cashews in the pesto makes this really filling, this would be a perfect meal for the spring season that is upon us.

For fish I have definitely fallen in love with the lemon and chilli oils they make a perfect combo to drizzle on a prawn stir fry they just liven up with meal and the chilli gives a good kick! 

The lemon oil goes really well with this flaked trout, carrot and rice combo....hmmmmm I need to eat this again it was so good.

More veggies and pasta! Drizzled with garlic oil oh yes hello!

You could use these oils drizzled on hot food or simple salads to liven things up whatever your food groove is these oils will up the anti and make your meals even more awesome definitely worth a try if you ask me. So if like me you love getting your daily does of good healthy fats you need some Pomora in your life, check them out and let me know what you think.

Right I'm off to meet my sister and a friend for coffee so I better get ready, have a fabulous Friday readers : )

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Gluten Free Sweet Potato and Tuna Patties

See I'm back, thats the second time this month already hopefully I can keep on a roll! 

I had a pretty lazy weekend, I got up for my hot yoga session Saturday morning then went home to hibernate away from the rain and cold which was lovely. No where to be I just got to hang out with Sid and catch up on some series I have been watching. I did decide to try out a pattie recipe that has been sat in my mind on Saturday night and it was a hit so I thought I'd do a quick blog post and share the recipe with you as they rocked! 

I love fish cakes/patties and the flavours I used worked and other then the oil they were cooked in these are pretty healthy which is a bonus.

Gluten Free Sweet Potato and Tuna Patties

You need:

2-3 medium sweet potatoes
2 cans of tuna
1 bunch of spring onions
2 eggs
gluten free plain flour
2 slices gluten free bread
1 tsp chilli flakes*
salt and pepper
olive or coconut oil for frying

To Make:

Wash the sweet potatoes (if needed) then put in the microwave and cook on high until all potatoes are soft.

Chop the spring onions and add to large mixing bowl along with the tuna, chilli and 1 egg, mix then once the potatoes are cooked scoop out the flesh and add to the bowl and mix. Season with salt and pepper and mix again.

Use an electric chopper and blend the bread into breadcrumbs and put in a bowl, whisk the other egg  put in a bowl and add 2-3 Tbsp's of gluten free flour in a third bowl. 

Make patties with your hands to whatever size you wish (I went big) and pat into flour, dip in the whisked egg then finally the breadcrumbs and set them down on a board. Once you have made all the patties get a frying pan on the hob.

Put either coconut oil or olive oil in the warmed pan and heat until a few bubbles appear (you'll need 2-3 Tbsp's of oil) carefully place your patties in the pan. Cook for 3-4 minutes on each side or until each side is golden brown. 

Serve with salad and enjoy! 

*I use lazy chilli in a jar, you can obviously use fresh I just didn't have any to hand. 


See an incredibly easy recipe to make these really tasty patties which are also very filling, I made 4 giant patties but you could make more and probably feed 4 people. Me and Dale are just piggy! 

Let me know if you get a chance to try these bad boys out, have a great Tuesday! 

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Happy Belated New Year!

As the title says Happy Belated New Year, oh and happy 1st of March! Yes its taken me a while to get sat here in front of my computer screen but better late then never right?! 

This year has started with a bang for me this side of the screen unfortunately on screen it started with a slow crawl due to our internet not working, we didn't get it sorted till mid January which is when a lot of course work/training started at my new job so I have been getting my head down doing that which has had my eyes going square so I haven't exactly been motivated to sit in front of the screen for more time writing posts but I got here finally! 

My new job has been full on but the weeks go so quickly and having weekends and evenings off has been pretty sweet, if I'm honest I don't know if its the perfect job for me its very different to where I was which is good but it also has some bad points which I am still mulling over. The training aspect is awesome I have just started my Care Certificate and will be also doing a QCF qualification which is all good for my career so I am focusing on those things rather than the parts of the job I am not so keen on plus now I am working for the local council it has opened up a lot more opportunities which can only be a good thing. 

As I mentioned above having weekends off has been lovely and I have been taking full advantage by meeting up with friends for coffee and cake dates, well with the weather being so crappy coffee and cake has definitely been needed : )

A couple of weeks ago I met my friend Annie for a catch up and we went to a coffee shop in Hastings Old Town called Sham City Roasters, they make freshly roasted craft coffee and all the food is vegan as well as offering some gluten free treats which wins my vote. The coffee is awesome and my gluten free brownie was pretty good so if your in Hastings Old Town I would recommend you stop off and treat yourself to a cuppa and a piece of cake you won't be sorry. 

Another place I have been meeting friends and getting my caffeine and cake fix is a little cafe in St.Leonards (my neck of the woods) which is small but so inviting and they make some awesome raw treats like the raw carrot cake above plus everything they serve is gluten free so I'm sorted whenever I go in. Its called Cafe Gratitude and again the coffee is delicious and they have good window seats for people watching, always a plus for me. 

Its not only having weekends off I've been enjoying, having the evenings at home has also been a bonus of my new work week, being home and being able to cook my evening meals has been a joy. I love cooking especially my evening meal so its been fun getting back in the kitchen and getting inspired again to cook an assortment of meals during the week. One thing I have been loving lately is gram flour, it makes awesome gluten free wraps (socca's) and a perfect pizza base as you can see below....

Using gram flour is so simple you literally add water to gram flour and whisk it up for a basic batter mix then fry it in a little oil, I always add salt and pepper for seasoning and herbs/spices to jazz it up a bit. Above is a curried quorn and vegetable wrap with a little feta, I know what your thing curry and feta? But believe me it works and it tastes so good! 

Pizza! I love pizza but the gluten free options you can buy from the shop or order in send my tummy in a tail spin plus they don't taste very nice so I decided to try a socca base pizza and it works really well and it even gets a crispy edge which is what a pizza is all about right? And if I make my own I can use lacto free cheese which doesn't send my skin mental and that's important for me especially as my skin seems to be pretty good these days (up date on that soon). 

Other meals have been mostly veggie orientated with the odd meat dish thrown in to keep Dale happy and I have been making a lot of meals that I can use for the next days lunch which is handy now I work days, I like to be prepared to just go in the morning with no hassle to be sorting out lunch. 

So what else have I been doing over the past two months other then work, eating and drinking coffee well obviously I have been hanging out with the family cats! My little Sid has started the year on a high, at the end of last year he fell really ill and it was touch and go for a while there which was devastating for me I love this little guy like he's my baby and the thought of him dying was just awful but thankfully he pulled through and has just got better and better so fingers crossed he has many more years left in him. 

I have also been hanging with my sisters beauties as she has been away a few times and I have been the baby sitter which is always a pleasure especially for this cutie. 

I can't quite believe its March already the past two months have gone so quickly and I am pretty sure the year is going to fly by just as quick, I feel more big changes are coming my way for 2017 and I plan to keep you updated and blog about my goings on so keep tuned, I promise I'm back! 

Enjoy your day peeps x

Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 Round Up

Well I can't quite believe I am writing my last post of 2016, not that I've written many posts this year but thats not the point! This year has been busy to say the least which is one of the reasons I haven't been around here much but also if I'm honest I kind of lost the bug for blogging all the time and just wanted to live without documenting it so much. I think that was because my job until December was so full on and the hours were so draining I just felt tired all the time but with a new job and new hours I am feeling so much more like myself and I am keen to get back online and start sharing again with you all in the new year. 

I haven't been on here much but this year has been pretty awesome in many ways, I have been away to Ireland twice once with Dale and then again on my own. Me and Dale also went to Morocco which was awesome, I would love to go back and see more. 

We tried out Airbnb for the first time with some friends, we stayed in Brighton in the cutest little house which I would gladly live in, so cosy and very cool. 

I spent days off with Dale on the bank, with family and friends and I have enjoyed every moment shared : )

I got some more tattoos to add to my collection, which is growing nicely. I don't have much space left on my arms so one of my legs is now becoming a lot more pictured and I don't plan stopping anytime soon!

I changed jobs this month from working in a supported living house to a day centre, still working with Adults with Learning Disabilities but on a much larger scale. The hours are much better, I'm actually working my first Monday to Friday job and having my weekends and evenings off which is a dream. I still have a few clients but not so many that I'm run ragged which is way better. 

My own fitness unfortunately has taken a slide due to a knee injury but I am still waiting to find out what I've done there so more on that next year! 

All in all this year has been a good one, it has been exhausting at times but also really fun and I am looking forward to whatever 2017 brings, I have a good feeling about it and I have lots of things I am looking to achieve which I plan (hopefully!) to blog about. I am going to do a monthly post about goals, yearly and monthly things I am hoping to achieve which will hopefully be of some interest. I also have some posts planned with a few of my favourite brands which I am looking forward to sharing so watch this space. 

I have now got to get things ready for tonights celebrations so I am wishing you all a fabulous New Years Eve and looking forward to reading your blogs in the new year and sharing more on my own, have a good one! 

Photo credit here

Friday, 28 October 2016

October Catch Up 2016

Hello, well thats another month down! And what a month this has been, I've been doing all sorts of things but there is one thing I just can't contain any more.....


Yep its going to be all change round here soon and I can't bloody wait! Right let me start at the beginning....As some of you know I work with adults with learning difficulties which I love it was a complete change of career when I got the job as a support worker and I really questioned myself if I could do it and be any good at it when I got the job two years ago but I took to it like a duck to water and loved it. 

I was so happy to be given the chance and it really has changed my life in so many ways one big way is knowing the career I would like to follow. This year I have been thinking about looking for another job and in September I finally saw an advert that interested me and although I love the guys that I work with I have been looking for something a little more challenging where I can learn more and better my career. The job was for a Support Coordinator for the local council at their social services run day centre, I thought what the hell and applied really not thinking I would get the job but you know what I did and I start on the 1st of December!!!! 

Can't believe it really, I am so excited and the best thing for me is that all the guys I work with at the house now all go to the day centre so I will still see them all which is a real silver lining for me and for them. The job is a lot better then the one I have now especially the hours, no more sleep ins and weekends off which is the first time ever for me, I have never had a Monday to Friday job. I am hoping I won't be so tired and have more time to check in here but as always no promises! 

So thats the biggest news this month and now is a little catch up with pictures of other stuff thats been going on this side of the screen.....

Me and Dale went to his friends wedding reception earlier on in the month which was lovely, I love a day of love! 

I went for lunch with my sister and a friend in Rye which is just a short drive from Hastings.

We had a lovely catch up over lunch and got to hang out with this cutie which is always a pleasure. 

I've injured one of my knees which is not good so workout wise its been pretty lame round here, I've been going on walks and still been able to go to yoga but thats pretty much it. I'm waiting to get an appointment with a Orthopaedic doctor at the hospital but who knows how long thats gonna take : (

I bought some pretty awesome new kicks which I have been living in, these are so comfy and I absolutely love the colour. 

Food wise I've been eating all sorts of stuff, I treated myself to some gluten free cereal which has been going down easy especially when pimped with some hemp seeds. I say treated myself because its so expensive for such a small box of cereal and once I have it in the house it doesn't last very long so its a definite treat. 

I made an awesome banana bread which was gluten and lactose free and I only used bananas and a few sultanas to sweeten it, delicious but again another treat as me and Dale will just gorge on it until its self control is pretty much zero round here! 

My sister has been to San Francisco recently and bought back these lovely treats for me, the choco crunch cookies were gorgeous but the chocolate unfortunately had dairy in it so I gave that to Dale. I've noticed that dairy really does not help my skin when it comes to acne so I am trying my best not to eat it along with too much sugar which again is why the cereal and banana cake is a treat. 

Lunches are never the same but this healthy fat punch in the face was so tasty, some people shy away from good fats but not me oh no! 

Dinners again have been random but I've been keeping them pretty healthy, this was a fillet of trout oven baked on top of carrot and mushroom rice drizzled with lemon oil. This was a total party for the tastebuds and will definitely be made again. 

November looks to be another busy month for me, I will be working my last 3 weeks at the house then I have a holiday planned to visit my family in Ireland. When I return its my birthday the big 35 before starting my new job on the 1st jeez I'm getting flustered just thinking about it! 

Lots of exciting stuff to come and I will be back to tell all I promise, until then enjoy the last few days of the month and have a blast if your going out for Halloween! 

Friday, 30 September 2016

Currently..... September 2016

Hello, how are we? 
I can't believe its October tomorrow, where did September go? I've had a good month, had fun with friends and family, worked lots and enjoyed the warm days that have stayed with us through September. Because it took me all month to get to sit down and have some time to think about blogging I thought I'd do a Currently post to show you whats going on round my way which is no way near as quiet as it seems : )


I have been loving these Rombouts filter coffees which I can take to work and enjoy on my breaks, the coffee at work is usually not great so having filter coffee with me is a real treat. They are the perfect pick me up and the flavours are gorgeous, it was national coffee day yesterday and I enjoyed one of these coffees to celebrate, yum! 

I'm also still having a daily smoothie, with the weather getting colder I'm not sure how long these will be a daily ritual but for now I'm not ready to them up, they're just so good! 


I've been getting a good fill of hemp lately, I was sent these yummy hemp products from Planet Hemp
which are really tasty. I have been adding hemp seeds to rice dishes and smoothies, hemp oil to salads and the super greens powder to smoothies all of which taste fab plus they are enriching my diet which is always a good thing. 

Now I haven't been eating these all the time but I treated myself to a gluten free fish finger sandwich the other day and it was bloody lovely brought back a feeling of childhood which is always a nice feeling. Didn't we all used to eat a fish finger sandwiches?!


Cats! I think everyone knows by now how obsessed with cats I am, I love my Sid and I've been looking after my sisters cats whilst she has been away and last sunday I got to meet my friend Annie's new tiny little cute?! 


This year has gone way too quickly, its been a pretty good year and I've done lots of stuff but how am I nearly 35!!! Crazy


I have the best family anyone could ask for and spending time with them is one of my favourite things to do. Me and my sister Jes went for a day out with my mum this month and it was lovely to spend time with my favourite people : )


To get very excited about a new job!! More on this soon : )


Happy and in love, can't believe me and Dale will have been together for 5 years on the 15th of October! We may bicker from time to time but he is the only man I have ever been out with that I can be myself with and laugh about the most ridiculous stuff, definite keeper : ) 

So thats what is currently up with me, hope you've enjoyed the read. I will be back next month to say hi and hopefully with more news on my new job whoop!